26 Quart Hard Side Coolers

Whether you're spending the day on the beach, hosting a barbeque, fishing or camping, keeping refreshments cold is vital. A big cooler can hold several drinks and food containers at any event. The 26 Quart Hard Cooler is the perfect option to chill anything you need.

Benefits of 26 Quart Cooler

When you need a cooler to keep drinks and food cold for days, the ORCA 26 Quart Coolers are your best choice. Several benefits make them one of the best, including:

Ways to Use Your Cooler

Coolers are the ideal way to transport food and beverages to any event. To maximize your cooler, you can pack your items efficiently with the following tips.

1. Chilling the Cooler Before Packing

Adjusting the cooler's temperature before packing your items can help them stay colder longer. Keeping the cooler outside the night before or putting it in the coldest part of your home are easy ways to chill the cooler.

2. Freeze Food and Drinks

Freeze your food and drinks before packing them to make the most of your cooler's cold retention features. Frozen food will contribute to the cooler's overall temperature, helping keep other products cold for your trip.

3. Create Ice Blocks

If you're going on an extended camping trip, using ice blocks can help keep your items cold and ensure you have ice for longer. You can make large ice blocks at home by freezing water in Tupperware. 

4. Pack in Layers

When packing your 26 Quart Hard Cooler, use layering to your advantage. If you make ice blocks, load them on the bottom, then cover them with a thin barrier, like a piece of cardboard, so your items stay still and dry. You can then put ice cubes on top as you layer your refreshments.  

Order Your 26 Quart Cooler Today

Prepare for your fun trips or parties by purchasing a 26 Quart ORCA Cooler. You will be ready to keep your drinks and food cool when you have the best quality cooler. Our coolers are available in multiple colors, so you can find one that matches your other gear.

Are you ready to pack your items conveniently and keep your refreshments cold? Order your 26 Quart Cooler today!