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Large, wheeled coolers can become truly unruly when maneuvering on different surfaces and varying terrain. Thankfully, ORCA thought of that when designing the wheels for the 65 Quart Wheeled Cooler ($450). In testing, with the cooler filled to the brim, we experienced firsthand how their proprietary design allowed the wheels to easily transition from hard to soft terrain and from even to uneven surfaces. 

If that’s not cool enough, we beat ORCA’s listed capacity of 54 cans by filling the cooler with a single bag of ice and 65 cans of cold craft beer. The ice retention of the 65 Quart Wheeled Cooler met and exceeded ORCA’s claims of 8 days, and the integrated drain channel allows for quick and easy draining without having to tip and hold the cooler up until it is done.

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