No summer is complete without a backyard barbecue. And if you’re tasked with manning the grill, you can’t waste time running back and forth to the kitchen for the necessary ingredients—it’s better to keep everything you need within reach. That’s where ORCA’s massive 140-quart cooler comes in handy. With a roto-molded construction, it’s incredibly durable and well-insulated to ensure your food and drinks stay cold for up to 10 days. Of course, ORCA had to add a few extra features to such a robust design. The handles, for instance, are extendable, making it slightly easier to carry (but even when empty, it’s 64 pounds). There’s also an exterior cargo-net attachment that provides additional storage for odds and ends, and a drainage spout reduces water buildup. Perhaps most importantly, it can hold up 192 cans (or 32 six packs) of your favorite beverage, so at the very least, you’ll never run out of something to drink.

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