US Manufacturing and Operations

US Manufacturing and Operations

ORCA was born from the idea of making a hard-sided cooler that beat out all the rest.  It had to be tough, have world class ice retention, come with a lifetime warranty, and most of all it had to be made right here in the USA. Making our ORCA coolers in the US would allow us to provide jobs for people in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and that was really important to us.

We started with one single size, the 75-quart, in four standard colors in 2012, and since then we have stayed busy growing the ORCA brand into what it is today. In addition to our seven sizes of hard-sided coolers, we have a full line of stainless-steel drinkware, soft-sided coolers, apparel, accessories and more. We’re proud of our ORCA products, and we know you will be too. 

Hard-Sided Coolers– Our roto-molded coolers are USA made in Ohio and decorated, picked, packed, and shipped from our warehouse in Music City, USA. 

Drinkware – When ORCA was ready to expand from hard-sided coolers to drinkware, we found that the technology to make a copper lined, vacuum sealed, stainless-steel products in the USA was unfortunately not an option. Factories with the ability to meet our ice retention and quality standards don’t exist here in the United States. Trust us, we’ve looked. That meant we would have to look to outsource our drinkware overseas. In fact, all of our competitors are in the same boat having to source drinkware from foreign countries. While we would love to keep all of our production state-side, we take every precaution to make sure the factories that produce our ORCA products are held to the highest standards of quality, cleanliness, and that they meet all regulations in place for a safe workplace. 

While we can’t source the drinkware itself here in the USA, we do the next best thing. Unlike our competitors who bring almost everything in from overseas decorated and packaged to immediately ship, we powder coat, decorate, laser, assemble, and package the final product here in the USA. This additional process creates more jobs here in Nashville TN.  There are over 30 people working in our powder coating department, 15 people working in our decorating department, 10 people who work in assembly, and 15 people working in our shipping department. ORCA’s drinkware sales help to directly support over 70 people who work here at ORCA.

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