Think you would make a great PRO-STAFF team member? Pro-Staff are only for working professionals in the outdoor industry. We individually verify every new application to make sure it's legit and good fit for ORCA.

Before applying, do you agree with each of the following statements?

  • I am motivated
  • I know the products well enough to be able to promote them without much guidance
  • I am active on social media
  • I take photos while out in the field
  • I am capable of using Dropbox to share my created content with the Pro Staff Director
  • I will always tag #ORCAPRO and @orcacoolers in social posts and photos
  • I will use and promote our products year-round in an authentic way, not as salesmen but as true users

    If you can answer YES! to each of those statements, then we encourage you to apply below! 

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