When you need a portable cooler for camping, fishing or parties, the ORCA 35 Cooler is the perfect match. You can easily transport all of your refreshments while keeping them cool. Store all your items inside while knowing they will stay cool for days whenever you go.

Benefits of 35 Quart Cooler

The 35 Quart Cooler provides many benefits for you whenever you need to use it, including:

  • Plenty of space: The 35 quart offers plenty of room for you to pack drinks, food and ice. It can hold up to 35 cans or 8.5 gallons of items. 
  • Excellent cold retention: Our coolers have superior cold retention. They can keep food and drinks fresh for up to 10 days, even if you open and close the lid multiple times.
  • Rotational molding: The cooler's roto-molded construction enhances the insulation, helping your items stay cool for longer. It also helps your cooler withstand the elements if kept outside for a bit.
  • Easy to transport: The 35 Quart Hard Cooler is easy to transport in different sized vehicles, from a sedan to an SUV or truck. The cooler also has sturdy handles so you can carry it easily.
  • Additional storage: Our 35 Quart Cooler has extra storage on the outside. The mesh attachment on the back of the cooler can carry anything you need that may not fit in other bags or need to be in the cooler.

Hard Cooler Benefits

While there are many types of coolers, a hard shell provides unique benefits that make it a superior choice. When you use a hard cooler, you can enjoy:

  • Durability: Hard coolers use a rotational molding technique to ensure uniform, dense plastic. Our coolers can withstand repeated use and are easy to sit on.
  • Greater capacity: You can often pack more items in a hard cooler. They measure by volume, so you can store whatever you need to, from food to drinks.
  • Improved ice retention: The plastic construction in hard coolers ensures proper insulation to keep contents cold. Any ice you place in the coolers will last hours before melting.
  • Versatility: Hard coolers are great options whether you're going to the beach or the forest. You can use the coolers for various activities to ensure your drinks and food stay cool.

Purchase a 35 Quart Hard Cooler Today

Do you need storage for your food and beverages while camping or hosting a party? The ORCA 35 Quart Cooler is an excellent choice to keep everything you pack cold and fresh for a few hours or several days. Our hard coolers are available in multiple colors, made in the U.S. and have a lifetime warranty.

Start preparing for your trips or parties by packing your refreshments and keeping them chilled. Order your 35 Quart Hard Cooler today!