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"My name is Jessie Waguespack and I am the 1st place chili winner of the Lone Star Weekend chili cookoff in Austin,TX. I would like to personally thank you for your sponsorship and donation of the ORCA cooler. As the winner I was given the first choice of ten wonderful prizes. After hearing all the wonderful things about the performance of the cooler itself, the fact that it's made in the USA and especially the company's philanthropic philosophy, I knew that my choice was the Orca cooler. Thank you again!"
- Jessie Waguespack, ORCA Fan & Champion Chili Chef

"Last week my friend Jerry Brosteau and I, accompanied by Barley the Wonder Lab, headed to the shores of Lake Superior for some salmon and trout fishing. It was about 70º when I loaded the mighty ORCA on Wednesday afternoon and shoved it under the nice black pickup cover. When I arrived late Thursday afternoon everything was still frozen like a rock! Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated substantially, and we fished very little, not wanting to create 'The World’s Deadliest Catch, Lake Superior Edition.' Thanks again for a great product!"
- Bruce Deadman, ORCA Fan & Wise Angler

"Throughout my fishing career, I have never used a cooler as robust as my ORCA cooler. Hands down, the ORCA cooler keeps things icy cold for hours and hours on end; no surprises there! To my surprise is the outstanding durability with which the Orca cooler is made.

I currently have my tan color 75-quart ORCA cooler strapped to my Rock Proof Boat and it’s great to stand on for sight fishing. Being heavy-duty and built tough, I have no concerns of it cracking or falling apart while I’m on it throughout the day. The ORCA coolers tie down system is second to none whether you are driving curvy back roads or driving for hours at high speeds to that secret fishing hole.

The strong durability of the rubber latches is something I can count unlike the common plastic ones that break after repetitive use. I’ve been through a lot of coolers in my time and lids and latches coming off have always been an issue. Not so with my ORCA cooler. My ORCA cooler is easy to clean and keeps my fresh catch cold while I fish for the entire day."
- Brian Irvin, Transformations Contracting and Remodeling & ORCA Pro Staffer

“Ever since receiving my 75qt hunter green ORCA cooler I have had nothing but compliments and knowing that I’m supporting the sustainment of jobs for American men and women only adds to my enjoyment! Throughout the process of creating the CallingDucks.com tan edition cooler I can honestly say I’ve never worked with an easier group to get along with and a group that like to make things happen. With customer service second to none and 100% American made they’ve hit the jackpot with this one and CDC is happy to be along for the ride!”
- Jeff Truitt, Co-Founder, CallingDucks.com & ORCA Pro Staffer

"My ORCA cooler has been a life saver during deer season and duck season this past year. I never had to worry about how warm it got during the day because I could rely on my 75 quart Orca Cooler to keep my harvest from spoiling."
- Whit Gammon, ORCA Pro Staffer

"Made in America, by Americans! You know that you have the most well built cooler in the industry, plus the lifetime warranty on every part, come on you won't find that anywhere else!"
- USCG Captain Mark Wheeler, ORCA Pro Staffer

"I had a chance to use my Orca cooler this past weekend and we put ice in it on Friday and I just noticed the ice is still in it and its Tuesday. I have never used a cooler as good as my Orca. I am very impressed and a firm believer that Orca is top of the line in the cooler industry. I will be a user for life.

I have my Orca cooler mounted on my friend’s boat and we use it for storage, groceries and supplies and even use it for an elevated platform to stand on while fishing. From what I’ve seen it’s a very durable cooler for all uses."
- Billy Mix, ORCA Pro Staffer

"I got introduced to ORCA coolers through Ronnie Parker. I had never heard of this cooler company. The first thing I noticed was not the product it was the salesman. The first person I meet was Lanny Clark with ORCA coolers. We hit it off. You see, sometimes the company staff makes the products that much better. The coolers that are on my boats are the 75-quart coolers. I use these for guiding for crappie and also in my duck blinds. They are hardcore coolers that keep up with my outdoor living! I'm proud to have a USA made product in my boats!"
- USCG Captain Brad Whitehead, Crappie Guide & ORCA Pro Staffer

"I have been a serious tournament angler for as long as I can remember, and have always hated paying massive amounts of money for a cooler that did not satisfy my desires, but ORCA changed the way I think of coolers. ORCA is tougher, easier to use, lighter, and keeps ice longer than the competition. I highly recommend you consider ORCA Coolers, as they are a great group of people building a great product, and trust me you will not be sorry you did."
- Joe Medeiros, ORCA Pro Staffer

"The first thing that stuck out to me about ORCA Coolers was the fact that they are build right here in the good ol' U.S.A! In a time when it's cheaper to send a product overseas to have it made so your profit margin is a bit better, the folks at ORCA knew that it was more important to put Americans to work than to worry about making those extra margins! The fit and finish of the cooler itself is like no other, and with a lifetime warranty how could you go wrong with buying a ORCA!"
- Charles Levi, Jr, ORCA Pro Staffer

"We love our ORCA cooler and were able to place several in our partner guides' hands as well. Waterfowl, turkey, hogs and venison, keeps cool even in low ice conditions. Several times I have left wild game and fish in the cooler, only to find it cool and fresh. We love the fact that it is 100% made in the USA!"
- Chris Brandes, Director of Marketing and Sales for The Fisherman’s Digest

"If it had a little light that came on when you opened the lid, you wouldn't need that ole fridge anymore!"
- Jeff Schneider via Facebook

"Well Jak'd UP Outdoors just got in the #1 cooler made 100% in America...ORCA Coolers! Check out their Facebook page and give them a like! These are the best coolers on the market! Get yours today!"
- Todd Duff, Jak'd UP Outdoors via Facebook

“We’re honored to be ORCA’s first dealer. We have a lot in common with the folks at ORCA and the fact that our lures and their coolers are 100 percent made in the United States is one of the best reasons for us to do business together. Their products are unequaled in quality and performance, something we know a lot about.”
- Ronnie Parker, Lake Fork Trophy Lures & First Official ORCA Reseller

"I took two ORCA Coolers to Florida for a hog hunt but I forgot to take pictures. Both are filled with meat and the ice hasn't even started to melt yet. They're like electric ice chests."
- Steven Renfroe via Facebook

"My campsite wouldn't be the same at the Boondoggle if I didn't have a sexy cooler to keep my drinks and food cold like my 75qt ORCA Cooler!"
- Charles Levi, Jr. via Facebook

"ORCA make the most amazing cooler I have ever used. I had the pleasure of testing this cooler during one of my many summer fishing and camping trips. Keeping food cool and fresh, along with ice cold beverages is what I’ve always looked for out of a cooler and I hadn’t found that until I used an ORCA Cooler. Best cooler hands down, you will not be disappointed with this purchase!"
- Chris Kreiner, Great Outdoor Pursuits & ORCA Pro Staffer

"Received my ORCA cooler and prize pack yesterday. All i can say is wow, what an awesome cooler! That is one well built heavy duty cooler, cant wait to put it to use. Will send some pics soon."
- Rob Melendez via Facebook

"ORCA Coolers not only hold ice and fish under extreme heat for numerous days, but are able to take pressure from extreme weight-bearing loads, as I experienced from guiding Bill Terry and Lanny Clark on a recent trip. I am excited about working with a company that produces all of their products in the USA and cannot wait to see their new clothing line, which should be out soon. Fish on with ORCA!"
- Captain Bob Speight, Fish On Guide Service & ORCA Pro Staffer

"No more buying daily ice for the job site. No more bottles of hot water in my boat. Thanks to our decision to choose an ORCA Cooler it has reduced our need for endless bags of ice, especially on those hot summer days. Can't wait for our long days out on the pontoon this summer and never worrying about stopping for another bag of ice. Thanks, ORCA for a worry-free summer on the job and on the lake"
- Todd Spann, Building Solutions by Spann & ORCA Pro Staffer

"The Orca Cooler is truly the sturdiest, and finest made cooler I have ever had the pleasure of using. Great job, ORCA!"
- Flip Fishman, Comngetit Charters via Facebook

"A while back I was in the market for a new cooler to mount under the leaning post of my 28’ Whitewater. I was looking for a cooler capable of keeping ice for more than a few hours. After careful consideration, I decided to go with the ORCA 75. Now, I’m using less ice and my clients are enjoying cold drinks even after a long day in the hot Florida sun."
- Captain Orlando Muniz, Nomad Fishing Charters & ORCA Pro Staffer

"Thanks ORCA Coolers for keeping our Hog & Venison Ice cold on the trip back from Texas. Bought ice on Friday and still haven't had to add any yet, and its Tuesday!!! Wow, these super coolers truly are amazing!"
- Jonathan Earhart via Facebook

"ORCA grabbed my attention after hearing so many great things and the simple fact that your products are made in the USA."
- Todd Watkins, Muddy Outdoors & ORCA Pro Staffer

"If you are looking for a new cooler and considering shelling out the money for a Yeti, I have another company for you to consider. Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA), based out of Franklin, TN, is about to release a cooler that will rival anything in the industry."
- David Bell via Tumblr

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the ORCA - some heavy-duty use over the past few weeks - in 90 degree temps - and the ice just doesn't want to melt - drinks are cold - people are happy...If my in-laws don't get their electric back today - it will really be put to use saving food from their freezer..."
- John Mazurkiewicz, ORCA Fan

"I won an ORCA 75qt cooler at a fishing tournament last month and was able to put it to the test this past weekend on a 5 day boat trip to Captiva.

It sat on the boat the whole time in the hot Florida sun with temps in the mid 90's. Constant openings and refilling with warm and cold drinks really put the cooler to the test. All it took was an ice bucket or two from the hotel machine to replenish it in the morning and we were good to go for the day.

If you are spending days on the water or out in the woods a ‘super' cooler is definitely worth the money."
- Rodger Gerstung via The Hull Truth

"I have been a lifelong outdoors enthusiast and have several YETI Coolers. I recently went fishing with Chip Bailey [ORCA Pro-Staffer] and we started talking about coolers. I have always been pleased with my YETI Coolers, but hated that they were not made in the U.S. Chip told me the story of taking several of your executives fishing and what a good impression they made. Your cooler did great today and the 140 will be in my garage as soon as I get home. Thanks for your great product and more importantly for keeping your manufacturing in our great country!"
- John Eddlemon, Former YETI Enthusiast

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